Quality control and following the international specifications is the first priority in N-FERT production cycle. Hence, a world standard inspection either for the raw materials or the end products is followed to ensure the accordance with the international standards.

Regarding the raw materials,
1. Raw materials are finely selected, according to the international guidelines
2. Representative samples are withdrawn by the Quality departments
3. Then, our laboratories analyze the raw materials in accordance to the approved international standards AOAC official methods, either during sampling or the method of analysis using the latest advanced Analytical Instruments to ensure the compliance with the required specification chemically and physically
4. Once raw materials are certified; they are stores in our warehouses following the safety storage procedures applied by the Quality Control Department

Regarding the final product,
1. The final product aspects are determined following the international specifications
2. During the manufacturing stages, periodic samples are drawn under the supervision of the quality control team, which in turns are analyzed by our laboratories
3. Throughout the whole manufacturing cycle, N-Fert experienced production team thoroughly control and monitor each production stage, till packaging and storing the final product
4. The role of the Quality Control Department extends to the final product loading and delivering stage, to verify the conformity of the process with the international guidelines, and ensure the safe delivery of the product to the customer.
5. N-Fert highly qualified after-sale team closely follow up our customers, using a Batch number in each bag that can track the all the shipment information

N-FERT research and development team continuously improves the technical specifications by achieving the highest possible concentration of the beneficial elements for the plant and reducing the detrimental elements

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