Nfert has set itself the challenge of being part of the global effort and to act in accordance with the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Program.

Helping plants to grow in the right way

We are a group of passionate experts that have a main mission to help farmers to have high quality fertilizers, So they can increase their yield and profit at the end.

In Nfert, we think first about the effectiveness of our products on soil, environment, and humans so we produce it under standards authorized in the world.

Through this strategy, we seek thought leadership in the fertilizer industry in Egypt and improve industry day after day


To be a lead supplier for the finest and the most essential fertilizers for farmers worldwide, helping in enhancing crops’ quality and achieve a positive global change.


Our team is continuously work on developing fertilizer formulas that boost crops production upmost and increase the average crop yield. We acknowledge that a continuous research and updated knowledge are our key instruments to a successful business addressing farmers’ problems and enhancing production quality.

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